Burger King responds to McDonald's customers in cheeky campaign

Burger King has come up with a genius strategy to entice customers from their competition.

The fast food chain, who own Hungry Jack’s in Australia, have started responding to complaints on McDonald’s social media pages, with witty comments and free Burger King Whoppers.

It’s all part of Burger King Denmark’s dedication to customer service and a clever new marketing campaign with Danish ad agency Uncle Grey.

McDonald's sign (left). Burger King responds to McDonald's complains on social media (right)
'Nobody wants a ‘Small Mac,': Burger King are winning over burger lovers with their new campaign against rival McDonald's. Source: Getty/Burger King

“Why do you call it a Big Mac when it’s not?” one complaint read.

“In their defence… nobody wants a ‘Small Mac,’” Burger King responded along with a voucher for a free Whopper.

“We only got one bun in our Big Mac!” another unhappy McDonald’s customer wrote.

“Big Mac convertible? How innovative,” Burger King replied, along with another free Whopper.

The response from the cheeky comments and free burgers had some customers thinking it was too good to be true.

“McDonald’s it’s not spam. We’re just trying to help,” Burger King wrote on Facebook, along with a video showcasing their bold tactic.

The campaign was created to advertise the fast food chain’s promise to answer every customer - complaint or not - on Burger King Denmark’s Facebook page within 48 hours, Chicago Business reports.

“Customer service is a big part of the entire guest experience and we haven’t been doing a good enough job in taking care of our guests online," Daniel Schroeder, marketing director for Burger King Sweden and Denmark said in a statement obtained by Chicago Business.

"When addressing this we realised there are even more burger fans out there that deserve a reply. We did what we can to help out, hoping some flame-grilled Whopper love can help make things better again.”

The campaign comes as McDonald’s Australia launches a lawsuit against Hungry Jacks over their Big Jack burger, which McDonald’s claim infringes on the Big Mac trademark and contains ingredients that are too similar.

In response, Burger King stated that the Big Jack and Big Mac couldn’t be more different.

“The Big Jack has 25% more Australian beef. Aussies know you can’t get smaller pan fried American burgers at our restaurants. We flame grill our beef and that’s why the burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s,” a spokesperson for Hungry Jack’s said earlier this month.

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