Burger King Employees Are Required to Say ‘You Rule’ and Offer a Crown to Every Customer Regardless of Age

“It forces that extra two minutes of engagement,” said the CEO of Burger King's largest U.S. franchisee

<p>Mario Tama/Getty </p>

Mario Tama/Getty

  • Burger King workers are required to tell every customer "you rule" as part of a marketing campaign

  • Employees also have to offer a cardboard crown to all patrons, regardless of their age or if they are with kids

  • The policy has been in place since late 2022, PEOPLE confirms, and the restaurant has checks to ensure locations are following the rule

Burger King has a rule, and it’s that “you rule.”

Employees of the fast food chain are required to offer every customer a crown — regardless of age or what is ordered. They also have to say, “You rule,” according to Bloomberg. It is reportedly an effort to boost the scores of franchises after the company announced that it is offering expansion opportunities to the highest-scorers.

“Say it’s a guy who’s like 38 years old, no kids in the car, and I got to say to him: ‘Do you want a crown?’ You can’t help but smile when you say that, and he can’t help but laugh back,” said Deborah Derby, the chief executive officer of Burger King’s largest U.S. franchisee, Carrols Restaurant Group Inc. “It forces that extra two minutes of engagement.”

A spokesperson for Burger King tells PEOPLE that the policy has been in place since October 2022.

“‘You Rule’ is more than just a marketing campaign," they said, "it impacts every guest touchpoint including the in-restaurant experience, where we encourage Team Members to spread the joy that ‘You Rule’ embodies every chance they get, whether that be greeting guests in-person or thanking them in the drive-thru. ‘You Rule’ is all about outwardly appreciating everyday royalty – YOU!”

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Derby said when customers have a memorable experience at a Burger King, they are more likely to leave happy and with a “positive aura,” per Bloomberg. Along with the crowning and tag-line, the franchises all aim to have a faster turnaround between ordering and food in a customer’s hand.

According to the outlet, the chain has been sending people to monitor the restaurants, ensuring they follow through with the requirements.

<p>Mario Tama/Getty</p>

Mario Tama/Getty

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In September 2022, Burger King announced a two-year, $400 million initiative to “accelerate sales growth” of franchises around the United States. A press release stated that $150 million would go toward advertising, and $250 million for “Royal Reset” or equipment and technology improvements, as well as renovations.

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