'Amazing' $12 product saves households hundreds

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A mum has shared the ‘amazing’ results an $12 cleaning product had on her damaged toilets, and she could have spent hundreds.

If you’ve confronted the often hideous results of calcification or poor tank water on your toilets you may have been tempted to chuck them and replace them for a few hundred dollars or so, but it looks like you could solve it for a little over $10.

Mum’s budget solution to toilet stains

The insane results have sparked a cult following of the humble product. Photo: Supplied

A Queensland mum blew social media away this week when she shared the astonishing results of everyday item Scalex on her stained toilets.

Sharing two side by side photos of her toilets’ stained bowls, the mum explained she was at her wit’s end.

The staining is often a result of tank water, rusted pipes or calcification, and notoriously difficult to budge.

Neither toilet was in good shape when the Queensland mum tried the product. Photo: Supplied

One woman even replaced her toilets over the issue, and with the average loo setting you back almost $500 spent hundreds more than the budget fix this mum happened upon.

$12 alternative to replacing your toilets

Taking to Facebook the mum of six explained she had picked up a budget option from Bunnings she had seen recommended by other people online, a bottle of Scalex.

The descaler can be found at any Bunnings, Good Guys or homeware store and won’t cost you more than $12 a pop.

Image of Scalex descaling cleaning product in bottle with poison warning

“I tried bleach, stronger toilet cleaner and plain old scrubbing,” the mum of six told Yahoo Lifestyle, adding nothing had the results of the Scalex which transformed her stained bowls.

The photos speak from themselves, showing the toilets transformed from what the mum called ‘embarrassing’ to sparkling white, and clean as a brand new toilet.

The toilets are unrecognisable in snaps the mum shared. Photo: Supplied

Others react to the Scalex

The impressive example of the product at work attracted thousands of likes and comments from others with similar issues when shared to a Bunning’s appreciation page.

The lady who splurged on new toilets was understandably frustrated.

“Wish I had of known about it before I just replaced both my toilets for the same reason,” the frustrated woman shared.

“I have replaced 2 as well,” another bemoaned, adding the post had saved her third from the same fate.

Others revealed they too had saved their toilets with the cheap item.

“ Only thing that worked on ours to. My kids were scared of the toilets when we moved in lol,” one mum revealed.

“It’s brilliant stuff,” another agreed.

Others swore by the product, recommending a host of alternative uses for it.

Among the recommendations were a scoop in dishwashers to clean grout, a scoop in a washing machine and to clean out sinks and basins.

Looks like it may the wisest $11 you’ll ever spend.

It’s not the first time a cheap product has hit rock star status in the cleaning world.

Earlier this year households lost their minds over an Aldi product that for under $2, seems to fix everything and anything.

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