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Bunnings' little-known plant policy hailed as 'life-changing' by shocked Aussies

If you were wanting to buy some plants this spring but were worried about killing them, this Bunnings policy may be music to your ears.

A Bunnings customer was thrilled to discover the hardware chain's "life-changing" plant policy which has novice horticulturalists excited to get out into the garden.

Despite Bunnings' perfect plant promise having been around for several years, hundreds of customers revealed they didn't know about it until watching Georgia Magill's TikTok video this week.

"Oh my God guys, you are not going to believe it," the Perth woman said in her now viral TikTok on Tuesday, which has almost 900,000 views.

A photo of the plants section at a Bunnings. A photo of Perth woman Georgia Magill, who was shocked to find out about Bunning's 'perfect plant promise' policy.
Perth woman Georgia Magill was shocked to find out about Bunnings' 'perfect plant promise' policy. Source: TikTok/Google Maps

"I was in Bunnings today and when I was checking out, the lady said 'make sure you keep your receipt on your plants because they come with a 12-month warranty'," she said.

"And then she goes 'it doesn't really matter how they die, we'll just replace them for you within a 12-month period'."

To Georgia, the little-known policy was "life-changing information". "Do you know the amount of plants that have died on me? It’s literally such a good idea. I can’t believe I didn’t know it!"

The 'perfect plant promise' is for customers who are "not 100% happy" with their plants, according to the Bunnings website. It does however exclude seedlings, which include flower and vegetable seedlings as well as potted colour (bloomers), which are short-lived plants that are not expected to live for more than 3-5 months in the garden.

'This makes me want to buy plants now'

Almost 1000 people commented on Georgia's video, with many — both customers and even employees — amazed to hear of the policy. Ikea has a similar policy which says 'live plants' can be returned within 90 days.

"What?? I have literally had Bunnings plants die within weeks," one person said. "I work at Bunnings and didn’t even know this," another said. The video seems to have motivated people to start gardening. "This makes me want to buy plants now," someone said.

Employees of the hardware and garden chain were quick to remind people the policy only applies if you have a receipt and bring the plant back in the pot it came in.

"Either take a photo of your receipt or ask for it to be sent via SMS as they fade! For any warranty item," one said in the comments.

Customers were also encouraged to still put in the "basic" effort to try and keep their plants alive and not "abuse the system".

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