Bunnings, Kmart issue urgent warning over new scam

Australian job seekers are being warned about a new employment scam circulating on social media, offering jobs at Bunnings and Kmart.

Advertisements for fake job opportunities with competitive hourly rates at the two retailers are being posted across Facebook by scammers, duping hopefuls into giving out their personal details via WhatsApp.

Bunnings, which addressed the scam on its official Facebook page, thanked the public for alerting them to the fake ads on Friday.

Fake Bunnings job ads
The fake Bunnings job ads use the retailer's official logo and lure unsuspecting job seekers with an hourly rate ranging from $48 to $75. Source: Bunnings/Facebook

"One of the latest scams is a Facebook post asking for your personal details via WhatsApp to apply for a job with us," reads the Bunnings statement, which goes on to assure the public that the retailer is working to get the fake adverts removed as soon as possible.

"We place a lot of time and effort into recruiting our amazing team, and we're in no way associated with this activity," the representative said. "We also don't ask for personal information, or banking details in unsolicited communications."

To good to be true

The fake Bunnings ad, which uses the company's official logo, advertises jobs with an hourly rate ranging from $48 to $75. The fake ads are supposedly for part-time and full-time online assistants and state that there are no experience or location requirements.

"You only need to complete online work tasks on your phone. Anyone who has free time can apply," one of the ads reads.

A similar scam was also circulating online for Kmart, the department store chain confirmed with 7News.

"We're aware that there are some fake job adverts appearing on social media and are reporting these," a Kmart rep said.

Bunnings also took the opportunity to address another scam circulating on social media.

"Another one is an email with an offer to win a Bunnings gift card if you click a link," Bunnings said on the post, and urged customers to head to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission's (ACCC) Scamwatch website to report scams.

Job scam losses

As of October 2022, ACCC data revealed that jobs and employment scams have already cost Australians over $1.1 million in losses, with 27 per cent delivered via mobile apps, 19.1 per cent via social media and 18.5 per cent through email. Scams via text messages account for 12.2 per cent, data shows.

According to the ACCC, jobs and employment scams trick you into handing over your money by offering you a "guaranteed" way to make fast money or land a high-paying job for minimal effort.

"The scammer contacts you by email, letter or phone and offers you a job that requires very little effort for high returns, or a guaranteed way to make money quickly. You may even come across false job opportunities on classified ad websites," the ACCC warns. "If you provide your account details the scammer may use them to steal your money or commit other fraudulent activities."

The ACCC warns that scams can come across as an advertisement or by email, letter or phone call offering a guaranteed income or job. The message usually asks for personal details or a fee for more information about the job or start-up materials.

"Be suspicious of unsolicited 'work from home' opportunities or job offers, particularly those that offer a 'guaranteed income' or require you to pay an upfront fee," the ACCC warns.

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