Bunnings 'clone' slammed for striking similarities to Aussie store

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An overseas hardware chain has raised a few eyebrows for its striking similarity to Bunnings.

Builders Warehouse, which was founded in the Philippines in 2018, delivers “first-class construction materials to everyone who needs a hand in home building”, according to its website.

It’s a much younger store than Bunnings Warehouse which began as Bunnings Brothers in 1907 before the first Bunnings Warehouse opened in Melbourne in 1994.

They have different mottos too. While Bunnings promises: “Lowest prices are just the beginning”, Builders says: “You build. We provide”.

A Builders Warehouse store is pictured in the Philippines. Also pictured is a Bunnings Warehouse in Melbourne.
Builders Warehouse and Bunnings Warehouse sport similar logos and shop fronts. Source: Google Maps/ Getty Images

A peek inside the Builders store in Malolos, Philippines also shows the store has an aisle for “cookies, snacks, candies” and a dairy aisle for “last minute groceries”. Builders Warehouse also sells alcohol, sporting items and many household products.

Numerous similarities in Bunnings 'clone'

Both stores sport the same red, green and white colours. The logo is also similar with “Builders” written on top of “Warehouse” in the same way the Bunnings label is presented.

The “R” in Builders is also fashioned the same way as the “B” in Bunnings and both have Warehouse printed in a similar font inside a red box.

The food section of Builders Warehouse is pictured.
Shoppers at Builders Warehouse can also pick up 'last minute' groceries. Source: Facebook/ Builders Warehouse

A photo of a Builders Warehouse shopfront in Dau shows a similar aesthetic with heavy use of the iconic green splashed across it.

The iconic print of a red hammer is also seen.

Staff also appear to wear similar coloured uniforms however, some Builders Warehouse workers have been seen donning white shirts.

Builders Warehouse employees seen in the Philippines.
Builders Warehouse workers in uniform. Source: Facebook/ Builders Warehouse

While they are a must for many Aussie shoppers, it’s not clear if Builders Warehouse also offers a sausage sizzle.

On Twitter, the shoppers didn’t miss the similarities.

One man tweeted questioning if it was a copyright issue while another suggested it was a Bunnings Warehouse “clone”.

“Sincerest form of flattery?” he tweeted.

Bunnings declined to comment on the Philippines hardware chain.

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