$10 Bunnings brush transforming grimy bathrooms

Penny Burfitt
·Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
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A budget cleaning buy is a tricky item for anyone to turn down, and the latest offering from budget hardware store Bunnings might just be an impossible one to pass up.

Fans of the store have lit up social media this week with a $10 cleaning item they saw has revolutionised their bathroom cleaning, and they have the photos to prove it!

Bunnings Warehouse household cleaning item $10 Oates Long Handle Grout Brush makes waves
A budget buy from Bunnings is blowing up online. Photo: Getty Images

The Oates Long Handle Grout Brush might seem an unassuming broom like any other, but according to cleaning enthusiasts, the cleaning tool will leave your bathroom utterly transformed.

One enthusiastic customer took it upon herself to spread the good news, sharing snaps of the impressive cleaning job the $10 broom had done on her grimy grout to a cleaning Facebook page.

Bunnings Oates Long Handled Grout Brush $10 with grout cleaner transforms bathroom tiles
The Oates Long Handled Grout Brush was called 'amazing' by thrilled customers. Photo: Facebook

“So I just got the grout scrubbing brush from Bunnings omg it’s amazing!!” she captioned the post. “No more down on hands and knees with [a] toothbrush should have bought a long time ago.”

“... The difference is unbelievable my day tomorrow is filled yay!”

The photos show the slate tiles initially with white grout and stains. After snaps show the grout scrubbed down and clean as a whistle.


Online users go bananas for ‘‘dream’ brush

Image of bathroom tiles before and after grout brush cleans grout
The tiles were left sparkling after a quick once over with the brush. Photo: Facebook

The transformation had other cleaning fans seriously impressed, many champing at the bit to get their hands on their very own ‘miracle’ brush.

“OMG I’m going to Bunnings,” one galvanised lady wrote.

“I need this brush so badly,” was a very enthusiastic response. “I dream of this brush every day.”

Others were thrilled that there was a full-sized option available to prevent the back-breaking work of scrubbing on your knees.

“I didn’t know this size existed!” one person wrote, calling the broom a ‘game-changer’.

Those with experience backed up the claims.

“Love it I store mine in the shower no more back-breaking cleaning,” one woman reported. “Easy peasy.”

“I got that brush too but go to Aldi get the prewash stain remover use that on your grout,” another advised.

One warned however that not all tiles could handle the brush, so shoppers should do a test patch before committing to the product.

“I used this and it’s scratched up the tiles so bad,” one dissatisfied customer reported.

“The brush is awesome and does a great job but be careful not to scrub your grout away,” another warned.

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