Brad Pitt reveals how Jackie Chan inspired his bonkers action movie 'Bullet Train'

Jackie Chan isn't cast in Bullet Train, the wild new action film starring Brad Pitt and helmed by maestro of mayhem David Leitch. But both the director and his star consider the Hong Kong action hero to be the creative lodestar behind the turbocharged blockbuster, which takes place on an assassin-filled bullet train speeding from Tokyo to Kyoto. "We had a lot of talks about Jackie Chan and how much we admire what he's doing," Pitt tells Yahoo Entertainment. "I still think he's our Buster Keaton — he's underrated."
Pitt and Leitch specifically sought to re-create the way that classic Chan pictures like Drunken Master and Police Story bring the funny to all the kick-ass fighting. That's an approach that the stuntman turned director has tried to replicate not only in Bullet Train but also in some of his past films, including Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2 and Hobbs & Shaw. "The way he infuses comedy into fights is really special," says Pitt, who first met Leitch in the late ’90s when the future filmmaker served as his Fight Club stunt double. "To do something in that direction under Leitch and Leitch's gang was great fun. I've never gotten to do that before."

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