Bullet just misses girl’s head during her nightly prayer

A teenage girl has had a terrifying brush with death after a bullet was shot through her wall, narrowly missing the back of her head and grazing her arm.

Kimberly Mendoza, from the US state of Texas, had knelt beside her bed for her nightly prayers and had her head bowed when the bullet flew past her.

The 17-year-old told local news station ABC 13 that she had just started her prayer when she felt something on her arm — but she didn’t realise at first what had happened.

According to police, the bullet had entered through the wall behind her, which grazed the arm that she had laid across her bed while praying.

Ms Mendoza said she was praying to God for strength when she heard a noise like a “bomb”, which startled her. She immediately ran to her father.

Kimberly Mendoza was praying when a bullet grazed her arm. Source: ABC13

When asked how she felt about the bullet coming so close to possibly ending her life, she said she felt like God was ‘taking care of her’.

“I’m so thankful. I know my faith, everybody can laugh about me … but I feel good because God is so important for me. I love God. And I know if I die, I’m good because I know I can go to heaven with him. I know he’ll take care of my family,” she said.

According to ABC13, deputies say that the bullet was fired from an apartment complex near the family’s home. No arrests have been made.

Despite the terrifying incident, the teen says that her belief in God remains.