Bulgaria yet to deliver 100 APCs to Ukraine, despite July 2023 pledge

Flag of Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria

The 100 armored personnel carriers (APCs) Bulgaria promised to donate to Ukraine in July 2023 are yet to be delivered, Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev said on Jan. 17, Bulgarian National Radio reports.

The vehicles were in surplus to the needs of the Bulgarian Interior Ministry. In 2023, the national parliament voted to transfer them to Ukraine.

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According to Tagarev, several ministries are collaborating on the logistics of the delivery.

“It is already clear who will load them where, where they will go,” the minister said.

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“This is again a very serious logistical operation. We also know the amount that is needed [to pay for the delivery]. It would be bearable for our budget…”

Tagarev continued to say that Sofia is exploring other ways to finance the logistical operation, soliciting the assistance of Ukraine’s Western partners and allies on the matter.

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"The entire logistical process will take two months from the moment financing is secured," he concluded.

On July 21, 2023, the Bulgarian parliamentsupported the motion to increase military and technical assistance to Ukraine, including transferring 100 armored vehicles from the reserves of the Interior Ministry.

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