Buffalo girls turn up the heat

Damien Smith

Buffalo girls turn up the heat

Two outback sisters are wowing tourists with a very unique daredevil act.

They call themselves the Buffalo Girls and they put on a show that brings new meaning to the term flame-grilled.

Judy Ann Cook and her sister Kerrie first trained buffalo when they worked on a movie set.

"We just fell in love with them when we saw what they are capable of,” said Judy.

“We spent so much time with them."

It was then that they started to develop their act; it may not be death-defying but it certainly gets hot out there.

The whole family gets involved but the highlight of the show is the ring of fire and the audiences just lap it up.

Then it’s time for a feast on the barbie – but don’t worry, the stars of the show don’t end up flame-grilled.