Buffalo Chicken Is The Special Ingredient To Spice Up Game-Day Chili

buffalo chicken chili
buffalo chicken chili - Christina Musgrave/Mashed

When it comes to sporting events, food is a right of passage whether you're watching from the comfort of your home or tailgating outside. Nachos and sliders are popular options, but so is game-day chili, especially in those colder months. Don't start the big game off with boring or bland chili. You should consider spicing things up with Mashed's special ingredient — buffalo chicken.

Tailgaters know this ingredient well. It already plays a crucial role in Buffalo chicken dip as well as Buffalo chicken bites and pinwheels, which rank among many viewers' favorite snacks. The concept of Buffalo chicken in chili seems like the perfect collision of two popular game day dishes into a mixture you never knew you needed. As Mashed recipe developer Cristina Musgrave explained, "This is [a] great meal for a tailgate, or for a football Saturday or Sunday. This also reheats great, so it would be great for meal prep as well."

The Buffalo chicken imparts that zesty spice and flavor, giving a nice kick to the other ingredients in the chili. Likewise, the meat makes an already hearty dish that much more savory as a result. It's also fairly simple to create.

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Making The Perfect Game Day Chili

ingredients for buffalo chicken chili
ingredients for buffalo chicken chili

Whereas some meals require additional prep work in advance, you will be able to throw together Mashed's Spicy Buffalo Chicken Chili on Game Day, making it convenient if that tailgate slipped your mind. The chili will also last around four days in the fridge and up to three months in the freezer, allowing you to fix it ahead of time to serve to your hungry guests.

As far as ingredients, in addition to Buffalo chicken, the chili features cannellini beans, cream cheese, and sour cream. The cream cheese will help balance out some of that tangy heat you'll get from the Buffalo sauce. However, it's important to note that you can go with avocado or non-dairy yogurt if you're lactose intolerant or have an aversion to dairy. As Cristina Musgrave explained, "You can sub dairy-free cheese products if you have any dietary restrictions."

One thing you don't want to substitute is the garlic as well as the chili powder and onion. Combined together, these ingredients give the chili more flavor. Musgrave advised, "I like cooking the spices with the garlic to help release aromatics and also bring the flavors together." For the chicken itself, you can either pre-cook chicken breasts or get a rotisserie chicken from the store. Likewise, go with your favorite Buffalo sauce as well and enjoy game day with a kick!

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