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Break the mold: TikTok loves this pop-up bread box, and it's just $14

What's worse than stale bread? Moldy bread, for one; though neither are desirable when it's a sandwich or piece of toast you're craving. Sure, bread boxes exist, but they're often bulky and take up too much precious counter space. That's why TikTokers and Amazon shoppers alike rely on the Buddeez Bread Buddy when it comes to keeping their loaves fresh. This nifty invention stores bread vertically to maximize room, and it even lets you dispense it by the slice! At just $14, it's a small investment for a gadget that'll (literally) save you a lot of dough.

We're pretty sure this carb lover's must-have is the greatest thing since, um, sliced bread.

$15 at Amazon

At first glance, the Bread Buddy might look like just another food storage container. But it's actually shaped like a slice of sandwich bread and tall enough to fit a standard packaged loaf. What really sets it apart from other bread boxes is the fact that you fold the end of the bag that your bread comes in over the sides; now, you'll be able to dispense as many slices as you need by pulling on the edges of the bag to push the bread up. (Check out the TikTok demo below.) Gives new meaning to "letting bread rise"!

Of course, the Bread Buddy will also keep your loaves fresh for much longer than just letting the bag sit out, thanks to its airtight lid. No more dealing with twist ties or hard-to-untie knots, and no more consigning your bread to the trash bin after five days! The longer your bread stays fresh, the more delicious it'll taste, the less waste there will be and the more money you'll save.

Storing bread this way also keeps it from getting squished, whether at home or in transit. And speaking of which, it's perfectly portable for protecting loaves on the go — some reviewers even pack sandwiches in it to keep them from getting crushed! Pro tip: Since air and bacteria are friends, you'll maximize preservation by pulling the bread all the way up as you use it, since that'll help keep it flush against the lid with less air contact.

three images showing someone placing the lid on the bread buddy bread box
A bread box that's — dare we say — fun to use?! Now that's what we call playing with your food. (Photo: Amazon) (Amazon)

Nearly 14,000 carb-lovin' customers have given the Bread Buddy a perfect five-star rating.

"I LOVE this thing," gushed a rave reviewer. "Keeps our bread fresher for longer! Not bulky like a bread box, since it stores vertically. More counter space! Highly recommend, especially for a small household that doesn’t fly through bread!"

"I used to buy two loaves every two weeks; not because I ate two, but because the first open loaf would go stale after about a week," shared another impressed user. "This bread box has already paid for itself and then some! I kept a loaf of bread not only mold-free but still fresh and soft for three weeks! ... I'd have to say this is a no-brainer purchase. It will save you a lot of money and you'll be eating fresher bread."

And how's this for a helpful hack? "We normally make sandwiches and take them with us and hope they don't get squished," explained a happy shopper. "So this time, I made eight sandwiches and put them in sandwich bags, and then stacked them in the container. This left enough room in the top for condiments for the sandwiches (ketchup/mustard packets) or for another sandwich. We are definitely going to continue using this for our conferences as well as for camping trips."

"We use a lot of bread in our house, and I was sick of people leaving the bag open or losing the twist-tie," wrote a final fan. "We love this bread saver! It's easy to put the bread in, I love that it's shaped like actual bread ... It's thick and feels sturdy. ... The only (small) complaint I have is that you have to be mindful of making sure the top is fully secured — if you're not paying attention, it's easy to only have it partially closed. Other than that, this is a perfect solution for fresh, non-crushed bread."

Get it in white or this cheery red!

$15 at Amazon

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Made of food-safe silicone, these reusable freshness preservers simply slip over your produce, cans or jars for an airtight seal. Take that, Ziploc!

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