Buckingham Palace’s secret pool rules revealed

The pool at Buckingham Palace has some strict rules that need to be followed.

Buckingham Palace has its own private pool and it comes with some pretty interesting rules.

Queen Elizabeth’s four children all learned to swim in the Palace’s private pool, and Princess Diana would also reportedly use it often to swim laps in the morning. Prince William and Prince Harry learnt to swim there too, as well as Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

An aerial shot of Buckingham Palace.
Prince William and Prince Harry both learned to swim in the secret pool at Buckingham Palace.

According to Town & Country, the pool can be used by members of staff as well as the royals.

One royal author claims the “rule is that if a staff member is swimming and one of the royals appears, they have to get out unless invited to remain, which often happens. If when the staff member turns up a royal is already in the pool, the servant will not attempt to join them.”

A shot of the front gates of Buckingham Palace with a large crowd in front of it.
It's been reported that King Charles tries to keep the pool eco-friendly.

The Times reported that King Charles tries to keep the pool eco-friendly by turning down the heating. A source told the publication the King has dropped the water temperature to “continue reducing the royal household’s energy use, an issue he has prioritised in recent years.”

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