BTS meet U.S. President Joe Biden and talk solutions to end Asian hate

K-Pop supergroup BTS sit down with U.S. President Joe Biden to discuss solutions to end Asian hate.

Video transcript

- It's an honor to meet you, Mr. President.

JOE BIDEN: Well, welcome to the White House. Come on up here, guys.

This important month here in America. A lot of our Asian-American friends have been subject to real discrimination. Hate only hides. When good people talk about it and say how bad it is, it goes down. So thank you.

- We want to say thank you, sincerely, for your decision, such as signing the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law. So we just want to be a little help. And we truly appreciate the White House and the government's trying to find solutions.

JOE BIDEN: People care a lot about what you say, and what you're doing is good for all people. It's not just your great talent, it's the message you communicate. It matters.

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