Brutal reaction after wheel comes off trailer, narrowly missing cyclist

A Queensland cyclist survived a close call when a tyre came off a passing trailer, narrowly missing his bike as it sped past.

Footage captured from the cyclist’s helmet shows cars speeding by the cyclist as he makes his way down Staplyton-Jacobs Well Rd near Gilberton in north Queensland on Tuesday afternoon.

When the vision emerged online, many believed the 4WD had come too close to the cyclist, however a second look shows it’s actually the loose tyre that nearly smashes him off his bike.

“Cyclist very lucky that boat stayed on the trailer,” one man wrote after the footage appeared on the DashCam Owners Australia Facebook page.

The 4WD was travelling down Staplyton-Jacobs Well Rd when a wheel came flying off the trailer. Source: Facebook/Dashcam Owners Australia
The wheel narrowly missed the cyclist. Source: Facebook/Dashcam Owners Australia

“Thats why you do maintenance on your f****** boat trailer,” another wrote.

However, the overwhelming response was far from sympathetic towards the cyclist, with many suggesting he had no place being on such a road.

“[He] didn’t stop to see if he needed help, just rode straight past,” one man wrote.

“Pick a better road to ride on, you’re asking for an accident riding there,” another said.

“Is that not a good enough reason for cyclists to stay off the road,” another said.

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