Bruce Willis' daughter gives update on his dementia diagnosis

bruce willis, detective knight redemption
Bruce Willis' daughter updates on his diagnosisLionsgate

Bruce Willis' daughter Rumer Willis has given an update on her father's dementia diagnosis. She told Fox News on Wednesday (May 1) that the legendary actor was "great".

"Yeah, yeah, doing OK. Thank you so much for asking," she added, addressing concerns about his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis.

bruce willis, detective knight redemption

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"Through this experience, what's been so incredible is my dad is so beloved, and that's been so evident in the transparency with which we've been sharing," she said, thanking fans for their support.

"And I think if there's any way sharing our experience brings hope — whatever comes forward as a family — that can have an effect and bring any sort of hope, comfort to someone else experiencing that, then to me, that's… everything."

Bruce decided to retire from acting in 2022 after he was diagnosed with aphasia as a result of frontotemporal dementia. Since then his family have been updating fans on his health, as well as their collective family wellbeing.

rumer willis and demi moore
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Bruce is best known for playing iconic lead roles in movies such as the Die Hard franchise, The Sixth Sense and Pulp Fiction.

Rumer, who is the daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore, followed in her parents' acting footsteps and she also said: "I feel like what I learned from them was just by watching,"

"I feel like being on set, one of the biggest things I would say, just by proxy, you treat everyone with the same amount of respect, whether you're in front of the camera, behind the camera, from the littlest job. Like, it doesn't matter."

More information on FTD can be found via the NHS, Dementia UK and AFTD.

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