Bruce Arians goes for it on fourth-and-goal, and the Chiefs get a huge stop

Jack Baer
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With so much going the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ way early in Super Bowl LV, it was hard to blame Bruce Arians letting it ride on fourth-and-goal at the Kansas City Chiefs’ 1-yard line.

It could have given the Bucs a two-score lead, but it turned into a massive swing for the Chiefs instead.

The Buccaneers had three shots at the end zone for a short touchdown after a Ronald Jones run to the Chiefs’ 2-yard line on first-and-goal. They got creative on second down, scheming offensive tackle Joe Haeg into an eligible receiver and sneaking him into the end zone.

Haeg had both hands on a good ball from Tom Brady, but then Chiefs linebacker Anthony Hitchens made a touchdown-saving play:

Disaster nearly hit for the Buccaneers the next play when Jones appeared to fumble the ball, but it merely turned into a one-yard gain that set up a difficult decision for Arians.

With the Bucs offense rolling for the last two drives, Arians called for a run at the goal line. It didn’t work out:

Fortunately for Arians, the Chiefs didn’t make the Buccaneers pay for the turnover on downs. The Chiefs offense got as far as their own 17-yard line before sputtering out again, and the Buccaneers soon had the ball again in Kansas City territory after a bad punt from the Chiefs’ Tommy Townsend.

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