Brothers admit to causing Melb explosions

One Sunday evening, residents across Melbourne became fearful as a series of loud explosions erupted across a number of suburbs.

Pipe bombs made from shrapnel and sparklers were detonated from inside letterboxes, wheelie bins, cars, builder's portaloos and a washing machine on the back of a ute.

Some witnesses reporting hearing massive bangs with residents running outside to find glass shattered over roads, damaged vehicles and fences.

Brothers Jamie Smith, 30, and Raymond Smith, 32, on Friday appeared in the County Court, where they admitted to causing the eight explosions in Heidelberg, Northcote, Ivanhoe and Kew, on July 4 last year.

The pair each pleaded guilty to a number of offences, including unlawfully and maliciously using an improvised explosive device to cause an explosion which could have endangered life or caused serious injury and criminal damage.

The first pipe bomb was placed in a car's exhaust in Heidelberg West and then detonated at 7:13pm, the court was told.

The explosion damaged the car and neighbours reported hearing a massive explosion with shrapnel covering the street.

Another bomb was placed in a builder's portaloo in Heidelberg Heights, which was detonated and destroyed the toilet.

A bomb was detonated after being placed into a wheelie bin on a Northcote street about 8:15pm, placing those in the street in danger of death or serious injury, the court was told.

Further pipe bombs were placed into a gas bottle, a letter box on a fence and a washing machine in the back of a ute, which caused shattered glass to scatter 80 metres across the road.

The brothers' final bomb was detonated from the sunroof of a vehicle in Kew about 9:45pm, significantly damaging the car.

The Smith brothers were arrested almost two weeks later.

They will be sentenced on December 12.