'True racism at its finest': Brooklyn restaurant employee fired for 'being disrespectful'

An employee of Dumbo Kitchen in Brooklyn has been sacked after she was filmed allegedly being "disrespectful" to diners and claiming "everybody knows" the manager of the restaurant is racist.

The footage was shared to Instagram by the user @jypsyjeyfree who stated, "I was approached by this woman who felt the need to tell me the restaurant was closing in the most hateful, disrespectful and rude manner .... True racism at its finest."

The worker had allegedly screamed at the woman about how she had worked a long shift and told them she couldn't leave until they did.

The video caused backlash online after it was uploaded on Sunday. Source: @jypsyjeyfree/ Twitter

In the video a woman can be heard saying to the employee, “Your manager doesn’t like black people, honey."

“Everybody in here knows that already!” the employee responds.

The woman who posted the video said the employee had spoken to her in

There was widespread backlash online after the video was posted.

The business has fired both the employee and the manager who was on duty that evening, New York Daily News reports.

The business has responded to the footage online. Source: @dumbokitchen/ Instagram

Dumbo Kitchen tweeted in response to the footage: "Hate and Racism will not prevail. We do not stand by the sick comments by our ex-employee for a second.

"We pride ourselves on fairness and equality. We are taking legal action against these individuals immediately."

The business owner, Adam Ragi, told the New York Daily News said there was no legitimacy to the claim the about the manager being racist.