Brooklyn Nine-Nine star recalls emotional behind-the-scenes moment

joe lo truglio as charles boyle in brooklyn nine nine season 7 episode 3
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Joe Lo Truglio has recalled an emotional behind-the-scenes moment from the show's very first season.

The actor famously played the loveable Charles Boyle on the sitcom, which launched exactly a decade ago and came to an end in 2021.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy to promote his new feature directorial debut Outpost, Lo Truglio admitted that there were "really so many" emotional moments on the comedy series, though one in particular sticks out.

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"I remember when we got picked up for what they call the back nine – which is the last nine episodes – on that first season, it was quite an emotional moment," he revealed.

"Because when we had done the first 13 episodes, we had such a blast, and such a good time. The energy was so collaborative and warm that we didn't want it to end."

Opening up further about hearing the news, the star recalled: "It was either Andy [Samberg] or one of the producers who kind of made the announcement.

"We were shooting in some hospital, I think. It was one of such elation, and one that was like, 'This is the beginning, hopefully, of something that will go on for quite some time.' And it did. We were very lucky."

andy samberg as jake peralta and joe lo truglio as charles boyle in brooklyn nine nine season 7 episode 3
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Lo Truglio also reflected on the current Hollywood strikes, saying it was "unfortunate that the industry is in the position that we're in right now".

"The actors and writers really are fighting for something that's quite important, and that is often quite neglected by the higher-ups," he added.

"It really does take a lot of people – and not just the artists and writers – to create this content. So I do stand behind them 100%, and hope that we can quickly come to an end with the strike."

Outpost is available to buy or rent in the UK from Prime Video, iTunes and other digital retailers.

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