A Brooklyn Baseball Team's Hilarious "Elaine Dancing Contest" Is Going Viral, And It's Nearly Impossible To Pick A Winner

The "Macarena."

guy on a game show doing the macarena

The "Electric Slide."

people at a party dancing

Britney Spears' "Oops! I Did It Again" dance*.

her dance in the music video

*Obviously, I had to include this one.


And the "Elaine Dance" are some of the most iconic dances ever.

That little dance has become an iconic part of, well, American history!

elaine dancing and jerking around

The minor league baseball team, the Brooklyn Cylones, are going viral for having their own annual Elaine dancing contest:

Tonight the Brooklyn Cyclones hosted their annual Seinfeld Night along with the epic an Elaine dance contest that once again did not disappoint and you gotta love The Wiz hosting it 🤣Via @NewYorkNico pic.twitter.com/viPMCILeJf

— Wu Tang is for the Children (@WUTangKids) August 20, 2023

@newyorknico/ instagram.com Twitter: @WUTangKids

As this person said: "How did I not know about this before?"

How did I not know about this before https://t.co/TGNhAxx6o3

— Kumar Garg (@KumarAGarg) August 20, 2023

Twitter: @KumarAGarg

The video was posted by newyorknico, and as you can see, it's hard to pick a winner!

I'm partial to the woman in red:

her mid-dance on the field

Anyway, that was fun!

This is absolutely AMAZING. https://t.co/QEjyZEvQBp

— Sarah Beauchamp (@SarahMagoo06) August 21, 2023

@newyorknico/ instagram.com Twitter: @SarahMagoo06

Lemme know your faves in the comments...