Man dies after being stung by sea urchin while kayaking with wife

A father enjoying a dream holiday with his wife died after he stepped on a sea urchin while kayaking.

Chris Wilson, 54, and his wife capsized their vessel in shallow waters off the coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania in eastern Africa, which led to Mr Wilson unknowingly standing on a sea urchin, according to Kent Online.

In a written statement by Mr Wilson’s wife read out at Maidstone Coroner’s Court in the UK, she explained how her husband began to feel unwell as they returned to the shore during their trip in June.

"A little way back, he started looking very unwell and said he was feeling really sick,” she said.

The couple returned to their hotel, where Mr Wilson rested on a sunbed before they headed back to the heir hotel room.

An aerial photo of a Zanzibar resort (left) and a black sea urchin on a wooden table (right).
Mr Wilson died after standing on a sea urchin in shallow waters off the coast of Zanzibar. Source: Getty, file.

He took a shower and lay by the air-conditioning after complaining of an increased temperature.

His wife noticed he had several sea urchin stings in his feet and asked if he wanted a doctor but he declined.

She gave him paracetamol and ibuprofen and left him alone as she headed outside to read a book.

On her return, she said it was “immediately obvious” he had died.

“He was completely unresponsive, and his skin had this waxy complexion to it. I called for help, but it took 40 minutes for the doctors to arrive.”

She said hotel staff tried to revive him but were unsuccessful.

Coroner Joanne Andrews ruled Mr Wilson’s June death was accidental, Kent Online reported.

Sea urchins, which dozens of needle-like spines and inhabits rocky areas, can be found in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, according to The Australian Museum.

While the majority of human injuries following sea urchin encounters are minor, in extreme cases stings can result in limb paralysis and even death.

Sea urchin spike fragments can be removed from piercing injuries with tweezers.

Last year, a British tourist was mocked by Australians over his concern following a sea urchin sting.

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