Britain's tallest man: 'It's no fun being 7ft 7ins'

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The UK's tallest man, Hussein Bisad, with MyLondon reporter Thomas Kingsley. (Reach)

"Everyone else is normal and I’m different. Everyone can see me, people ask me sometimes why I’m so tall, I ask why I'm so tall."

Hussein Bisad, 46, who is Britain's tallest man at 7ft 7 inches, has spoken out about the troubles he faces due to his height.

Bisad came to the public consciousness back in 2002 when he claimed he was the world’s tallest man.

However, when he was measured by Guinness World Records, it was ruled that he was shorter than Tunisian Radhouane Charbib, who kept his title at 7ft 8 inches.

Bisad, from Neasden, north-west London, withdrew from the public eye after failing to clinch the record.

Hussain Bisad the second tallest man in the world at 7ft 8.9ins living in a care home in Harrow after a Kidney transplant meets My London's Thomas Kingsley
MyLondon reporter Thomas Kingsley, left, who is 5ft 10in tall, measures up to Hussain Bisad, right, at 7ft 7in. (Reach)

Now, he is fighting a serious illness while living in a London care home.

Doctors believe Bisad has a condition called pituitary gigantism, which leads to the production of more growth hormones than usual.

Speaking from the care home garden, Bisad described what life was like growing up in Somalia with his height.

He was a "normal" height until Year 2 at school, but at this point his body went through a growth spurt so severe his headteacher wouldn't believe he was the same child.

The World's tallest man, Tunisian Radhouan Charbib, gestures before catching a flight from Tunis' Carthage airport for London May 12 where he is due to attend a ceremony held by the Guinness Book of Records celebrating him officially as the Tallest Man in the World. Charbib, 29, stands at 2.35 metres and weighs 160 kgs. He takes over the throne in the Guinness Book from Pakistani Alan Channa 2.32 metres.
Tunisian Radhouan Charbib, pictured in 1999. (Reuters)

"When I was in school in Year 1, I was normal. I was the same height as everyone my age but in Year 2 I started growing," he told My London. "My headteacher said 'Are you sure you're Hussein?' He said 'go home and bring your father', I went back home and my dad took me back to the school.

"When I was in Year Two I was the same height as the teacher and he also said 'Are you Hussein?'

"I was around six to seven years old.I had a bigger chair, bigger desk, everything changed."

Speaking about the difficulties he faced, he added: "My friends would say Hussein is a giant and make jokes about my height."

He has faced life-threatening health issues in the past five years, and needs dialysis three times a day. He received a kidney transplant in February 2020.

Bisad needs crutches to walk and gets tired easily.

Hussain Bisad the second tallest man in the world at 7ft 8.9ins living in a care home in Harrow after a Kidney transplant meets My London's Thomas Kingsley
Hussain Bisad, right, did once hold the title of the largest hands in the world. (Reach)

There are also practical issues that come with being so tall.

Bisad has size 22 feet which means his shoes have to be specially exported, and some of his clothes have to be custom made.

His adapted bed is nine-foot long.

Revealing he is married, Bisad said he now wishes to return to Somalia and bring his wife back to live with him in Neasden, adding he is “just as famous” in Somalia as in the UK.

"People always stopped me in the street in Somalia," he said.

Although he wasn’t crowned the planet’s tallest man, Bisad did hold the record for the world’s largest hands for a time until Kosen took that title.

Bisad’s hands were measured at 10.59 inches or 26.9cm long.