Brisbane's XXXX brewery workers strike

Darren Cartwright
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Workers at the Brisbane XXXX brewery have walked off the job again in a protest over job security

XXXX brewery workers will rally at a statue of rugby league great Wally Lewis as a way to draw attention to their pay dispute when they march on a Suncorp Stadium NRL clash next week.

Brewery workers at Milton went on strike for the fourth time in the past month on Thursday morning amid tense negotiations with management.

About 35 workers marched on the brewery and stood outside the main gate, chanting and holding placards denouncing the company.

They plan to walk off the job a fifth time next Thursday.

United Voice spokesman Damien Davie said the brewery workers would gather next to the statute of Lewis before the Brisbane Broncos clash with the Bulldogs.

The cornerstone of their dispute with Japanese brewery giant Lion was rejecting plans to employ contractors to cover for full-time employees when they are on leave, he said.

"We want everyone on the same rate of pay, on the same conditions ... not new workers brought in at 25 per cent less than the current workforce," Mr Davie said.

"When employees bring workers on cheaper wages it's only a matter of time before they get rid of the current workforce."

The union claimed the Broncos would not be "too pleased" about the way XXXX, a long-term sponsor, was treating its workers

A Broncos spokesman said the NRL club would not comment on the union's claims.

United Voice claims Lion has tried to suppress information about the future of the inner-Brisbane site.

He said the union had been haggling with XXXX over a new EBA agreement, which includes a three per cent pay increase, since June.

Other than resisting the push for more contract workers on lower wages, Mr Davie said there was otherwise few complaints about pay and conditions for the 100 full-time brewery workers.

There has been mounting speculation about Lion selling off the Milton site, which is within a 100 metres of Suncorp Stadium.

Lion has repeatedly assured workers the plant would remain open, and brewery director Irene Bell has again insisted it was the company's plan to continue producing beer at Milton.

"We are proud of our long history of creating a great working environment, and the pay of our permanent workforce is not in question," Ms Bell said in a statement.

"XXXX was born here, it's brewed here, and the brewery is not going anywhere. Our right to brew at Milton has even been enshrined in state law."