Numbers at Qld virus party exaggerated

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There has been one new historical COVID-19 infection recorded in Queensland, as fresh information discounts reports linking an existing case to a party for up to 25 people.

Sunday's reported community case is the brother of one of the state's current cases, who is no longer infectious and believed to be a 'missing link' between the most recent cluster and a doctor who tested positive earlier this month.

Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said reports one of the cases had thrown a party for up to 25 guests were incorrect.

"We were told at the time there were 25 people that attended the residence; we needed to investigate, track those 25 people down and get them into quarantine," she said.

Further investigations by police and health authorities suggest the people who attended were limited to the man's housemates and one other person.

Ms D'Ath said officials acted on what they understood to be true at the time and told reporters she became aware of the new information on Sunday morning.

"It is extremely unfortunate that what has been discovered over the last 24 hours, that it wasn't 25 people, but as I understand it this is the information that was received from this gentleman himself," she said.

"Whether the health officials misunderstood what he said, I wasn't there, I didn't hear the conversation, but this is the information that they believe that he had provided them at the time."

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the state's two active cases were both in hospital and while it was too early to relax, she was pleased testing efforts had not uncovered further examples of community transmission.

She said it was "most likely" the historical case was one of the missing links between a doctor infected with COVID-19 and the most recent cluster.

"We won't be able to do genome sequencing on him because he dosn't have any active virus at the moment but we will continue to test him to see if we can work out what has happened."

As well as the historical case, Queensland recorded two new cases in hotel quarantine.

A Strathpine man in his 20s tested positive on Friday night after contracting the UK strain of COVID-19 from his male friend in Stafford.

The man visited at least 15 venues in Strathpine, Lawnton, Eatons Hill and East Brisbane while he was infectious.

Together with other sites visited by the Stafford man, there are now 25 potential COVID-19 exposure sites across Brisbane.

The nine exposure sites visited by the Stafford man include Westfield Carindale, Bunnings in Stafford and Gasworks at Newstead.

Contact tracers have homed in on the Carindale Westfield and Mama's Italian restaurant in Redcliffe, where the 26-year-old spent the most time and potentially interacted with the most people.

He visited the shopping centre between 12pm and 2.16pm last Saturday and the restaurant between 12.30pm and 3.10pm on Sunday.

The Strathpine man's visit to the Eatons Hill Hotel between 3.45pm and 5.10pm last Saturday is also a concern.

Anyone who has visited those sites is being urged to get tested and isolate until they receive their results.

The cluster has sparked a lockdown of Brisbane City and Moreton Bay council area hospitals, aged care facilities, prisons and disability services providers.