'Consent is nothing!': Prestigious college under fire for offensive, 'sexist' yearbook

Students of one of Brisbane's oldest university colleges have come under fire over a yearbook published this month that contains a string of controversial comments.

Hundreds of copies of the yearbook for Emmanuel College's graduating students contain crude and distasteful remarks with domestic violence and sexual assault references.

One section includes quotes from students to remember them by, with a handful deemed "totally unacceptable" by university bosses.

The yearbook contains a string of offensive comments. Source: 7 News

"I'd rather choke her to sleep than talk her to sleep," one reads.

"Consent is nothing!," another says.

The comments have been slammed by sexual assault advocates as promoting a sexist “rape culture” on campus.

One remark said:

"It's just not funny... I feel really sorry for them, I hope they can get some help," domestic violence advocate Rochelle Courtenay said.

But the students allegedly responsible for the comments have claimed they have been set up and have distanced themselves from the remarks.

"These quotes are totally inappropriate and were not written or said by me," one graduate said.

Despite categorically denying their involvement in the offending comments being published, an apology was posted to a private Facebook page two weeks ago.

Domestic violence advocates have slammed the publication. Source: 7 News

"We take full responsibility for the wrong doings..we hope that it can be forgiven," the post said.

The college CEO had written a 'Principal's report' for the magazine but says he wasn't aware of the controversial comments until 7 News brought them to his attention on Monday.

"We are currently investigating where these quotes came from and how they came to be included in the students' yearbook," Professor David Brunkhorst said.

So far there has been no effort by Emmanuel College to recall the 300 copies of the yearbook nor has any disciplinary action taken against any student while investigations continue.

The University of Queensland has condemned the publication and has confirmed it will raise concerns directly with the college.