'I can sit where I like': Outrage after commuter refuses to move for pregnant woman

A commuter has been shamed on social media, accused of taking up two priority seats on a Brisbane train and refusing to move so a heavily pregnant woman could sit.

The eight-month pregnant woman shared a picture of the man to Facebook on Thursday evening, saying she was disgusted by his attitude.

“Shout out to this douche bag who wouldn’t move for me to sit down on a packed train despite sitting in the ‘disabled, pregnant, adults carrying children area!’,” she wrote.

A man in high vis has been shamed for taking up two priority seats on a Brisbane train and refusing to move over so a heavily pregnant woman could sit down. Source: Facebook

The picture shows a man in a high visibility shirt lying across two seats in a train carriage, while playing on his phone, as other commuters stand nearby.

The woman claimed she asked the man if he could “move over a touch”, but he refused, telling her: “I work all day and can sit how I like, where I like,” the woman recounted.

“What an attitude he had. Actual a**clown!” she added.

A friend of the expectant mum shared the post to Reddit, where 2000 people shared their disgust within hours.

“This a**hole that wouldn't move for my 8 month pregnant friend,” the mate wrote.

The post was met with widespread fury from Brisbane commuters.

“He’s using two whole seats while there are minimum two people standing, it’s a d**k move regardless of the context,” one wrote.

Another wrote: “I don’t care if he worked all day in Mt Mordor itself; he’s not entitled to this attitude.”

“I would have sat on his knee,” a third suggested.

Others took the opportunity to ridicule the man’s sandals, with one asking: “How hard can one work in those silly shoes?”

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