Brisbane men guilty of raping student

Sonia Kohlbacher
Jack Scott Turner Winship (pictured) and Ryan David George have been found guilty of rape

Two Brisbane men have been found guilty of rape after they lured a drunk medical student into a laneway and sexually assaulted her.

A Brisbane District Court jury delivered its verdict on Tuesday after Ryan David George and Jack Scott Turner Winship pleaded not guilty to the April 2011 rape.

The pair targeted the woman, who cannot be identified, after noticing she was drunk and staggering towards a bus stop to make her way home after a night out with friends.

Jovial and tipsy, George and Turner Winship had been strolling through West End when they came across their victim.

They began talking to her before manoeuvring her into the laneway.

During his trial, Turner Winship told the court he and his friend had then engaged in consensual sexual acts with the woman, claiming she had enjoyed the experience.

"It was just a fluid sort of thing," Turner Winship had told the court.

The pair then left her bloodied in the laneway and walked off to meet friends at a nearby pub.

The woman was found stumbling from the laneway with blood on her lower thighs and hands.

Michael Hayward, a prosecution witness, told the court the woman had said to him "these guys are trying to hurt me".

He ran to catch up with George and Turner Winship and briefly chatted to them, with one of them bragging of a sexual encounter in an alley.

The jury had retired to deliberate on Tuesday afternoon but quickly returned with a guilty verdict.

George and Turner Winship will be sentenced on Wednesday.