Brisbane man left with 'blistered, bleeding hands' after laser tattoo removal

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: A Brisbane man was left with serious burns after spending more than $2500 to remove a small tattoo.

Cameron Maltby, 27, told he wanted to get rid of his ‘Live Free’ knuckle tattoo, something he got inked at 18.

Mr Maltby said he had booked in with a popular laser tattoo removal chain assuming “they were legit”.

He said he was advised he would need up to 12 treatments to have the tattoo removed and signed a legal agreement waiving the clinic of any liability should be suffer an allergic reaction.

“I had between 15 and 20 sessions, even though they said it would only take 10-12, and they cost $170 each. I started asking questions in the last three or four sessions,” he told News Corp.

Not seeing results, Mr Maltby said he complained to the clinic.

“She turned the laser machine right up, as high as it goes… and she cooked my hand.”

Before and after - Cameron Maltby has waned about tattoo removal after he was left with blistered hands. Photo: Cameron Maltby

He said within ten minutes after his last appointment his hands started to blister.

The tree logger was left unable to work for months following the final laser procedure.

He claimed he was left with third degree burns on his hands.

“Any time I bumped my hand, it would bleed. It was so painful I was reduced to tears,” he said.

“I had blood running down my arms all day everyday. It was excruciating.”

Mr Maltby told News Corp he was reduced to tears due to the pain experienced after his laser tattoo removal sessions. Photo: Cameron Maltby

Mr Maltby said he had tried to complain to the clinic but he claimed they reminded him that he had signed a legal waiver.

“Regardless of any waiver you sign, they still have a duty of care.”

He said his skin now looks like a “big chunk” has been taken out of it.

Mr Maltby said he shared his story as a warning message to anyone considering laser tattoo removal.

“Don’t trust someone unless they only specialise in tattoo removal. There’s a lot of really good tattoo removal places out there.”

“People think getting a tattoo hurts … wait until you get a tattoo removed.”