Brisbane influencer abused for taking photos outside apartment building

The stranger told the 31-year-old that she 'deserves to die'. Source: Supplied/Emilee Clark

Video transcript

- I'm not affecting you in any way.

- You're affecting me because we pay lots of money to live here.

- And that's fine.

- We don't want somebody like you-- somebody like you who is really cheap.

- I'm not cheap.

- You are cheap.

- I'm not cheap.

- How much you charge?

- I don't charge anything.

- You are charged. If you're doing something like that, you are charged.

- OK.

- And go away.

- Have a great day.

- I'm going to call manager.

- OK.

- And I'm going to call police on you.

- OK.

- Because that's not nice.

- OK. Have a good day. Bye.

- You deserve to die.

- She deserves to die?