Brisbane drivers cheated at bowser: RACQ


Brisbane motorists are enjoying their lowest petrol prices in the past decade but are still getting ripped off at the bowser big time, the RACQ says.

The state's peak motoring body says drivers in the river city paid 15 cents a litre too much for unleaded petrol in January, despite prices being 5.5 cents per litre lower than December.

The average price was 118.4 cents a litre - substantially more than what was being paid by motorists in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Drivers in the southern capitals generally paid around 112 cents a litre, although some prices dipped below $1 per litre.

"That's just incredibly frustrating. We want a fair go in Brisbane," RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said.

"It makes a difference to people's hip pockets. Filling up the car is one of the biggest weekly expenses outside getting your groceries."

Ms Smith said Brisbane fuel prices in January should have averaged about 103 cents a litre given fuel company margins were almost 100 per cent on the same time last year.

The RACQ has already called on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to investigate why Brisbane motorists pay more for petrol than those in Melbourne and Sydney.


Melbourne - 111.8 cents per litre

Sydney - 112.3

Adelaide - 112.7

Brisbane - 118.4

Perth - 118.8

Canberra - 122.2

Darwin - 125.3

Hobart - 128.9