Dashcam driver's sudden lane change backfires spectacularly

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A driver’s sudden move into an outside lane has backfired on a busy Brisbane road.

He thought he could get around a ute changing from the outside right lane into the middle lane so he swiftly moved to the outside lane himself.

The driver, who had a dashboard camera, did not see that traffic had come to a stop in the right-hand lane and video shows the car ploughing straight into a Jeep.

A ute indicates changes lanes and a car behind it crashes into a Jeep.
The ute changes lanes before the dashcam driver crashes into a Jeep. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

The video was shared to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, with people fairly clear about who was at fault in the crash in the Brisbane suburb of Acacia Ridge on Wednesday.

In his post, the dashcam driver said he was changing to the right lane when at the last moment the ute changed out of that lane.

“I didn’t see the Jeep was stopped till the last sec,” the driver explained.

It’s not known if the reason the driver submitted the video was to shame the ute driver, but people viewing it on Facebook said the only person to blame was the dashcam driver himself.

One man likened the dashcam driver’s awareness on the road to that of a “house brick”.

Another said you could “easily” see the traffic ahead was “at a dead stop”.

“The driver with the dashcam looks like he is all over the shop in and out of traffic,” one woman wrote.

Others added the man wasn’t driving to the conditions, looked “erratic” on the road and should have shown more patience.

“That’s what happens when you drive off your bonnet,” another man wrote.

“Always scan your mirrors and look a few car lengths ahead. Basic driving skills I’d say.”

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