Bridgerton's Adjoa Andoh teases Lady Danbury "off her game" in S3

adjoa andoh as lady agatha danbury, bridgerton season 3
Bridgerton star talks "off her game" Lady DanburyNetflix

Bridgerton season three spoilers follow.

Bridgerton actor Adjoa Andoh has teased that her character Lady Danbury will be "off her game" in season three.

The period drama is set to return to Netflix in May and sharp-tongued Lady Danbury, a member of London's high society, will of course be back to deliver more barbed comments and pointed glares.

However, it looks like some cracks might start to show in her armour this time around.

adjoa andoh as lady danbury, bridgerton

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Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Andoh touched on the topic of a present day Lady Danbury romance, saying: "I think the possibilities for Lady Danbury are always endless, because she is a woman of great appetite for life in all its numerous ways.

"So I think she could go any way. We'll see what happens. Certainly this season for her, life happens in a way that she's not expecting it to and she has to deal with feeling slightly off her game. So that will be fun to watch."

Of course, her character had a love interest in the prequel series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, in the form of Lord Ledger.

adjoa andoh as lady agatha danbury, bridgerton season 3

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Andoh also told Digital Spy about how she met Lord Legder actor Keir Charles, and said that she was very impressed with the casting.

"When I met the actor, Keir [Charles] who played [Lord Ledger] back in the day, we would be on the same set," she said.

"They would be doing a flashback early scene and then I'd be coming to do a present-day scene. The first time I met Keir, he's so handsome in the flesh. He's so handsome. I was a bit like...hi?! I just loved him. He was lovely. I think for viewers who watched that and go on and watch season three, they'll be watching with that added juice from Queen Charlotte."

Bridgerton seasons 1-2 are streaming now on Netflix, along with Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Season 3 premieres in two parts, on May 16 and June 13.

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