New bridge starts to take shape

A new bridge in Worcester has started to take shape as the first sections are lifted into place.

Once completed, Kepax Bridge will provide a new walking and cycling route over the River Severn.

A 350-tonne crane is being used this week to lift four bridge sections into place on the west side of the river.

Councillor Marc Bayliss said it was "fantastic" to see the bridge structure starting to come together.

Work on the installation of the central sections, over the river itself, is expected to begin after Easter.

This will involve the use of two cranes, one weighing up to 1,000 tonnes, and a moving pontoon.

Mr Bayliss said the delivery of the cranes was expected to cause some disruption in the local area and thanked residents for their understanding and co-operation.

Once all the bridge sections are installed, further work is needed before the bridge becomes operational.

It is a cable supported bridge with the main span reinforced by cables connected to a single tower on the east side of the river.

It began construction in October and is estimated to cost almost £16m after the original estimate rose from £9m.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said inflation, which had not been accounted for in the original budget, had pushed up prices.

Worcestershire County Council and Worcester City Council are working in partnership on the project.

Worcester City Council agreed to pay £3m towards the bridge and £1m has already been pledged by the government.

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