Bride's shock response to brother proposing at her wedding

Sierra suggested her brother propose to his girlfriend at his wedding. Photo: Twitter

An enthusiast brother of the bride has left onlookers divided after making the brash decision to propose at his sister’s wedding.

Solomon McGinty dropped to one knee as his elder sibling Sierra was about to toss her bouquet into the crowd before instead walking the bouquet to her brother’s girlfriend, Baylee Gillmore.

When a clip of the moment was uploaded online, it soon garnered several million viewers, but not everyone was on board with Solomon’s decision to steal his sister’s spotlight on her big day.

She’s no bridezilla

But now, bride Sierra has told Yahoo Lifestyle the surprise proposal was actually her idea to ensure their entire family was around to witness their relationship process.

“We planned the proposal for months,” she says.

“It was my idea to do it during the reception so our family and friends would be able to witness it. My brother currently lives in Boston, [so] having them both in Texas was the perfect place and time.”

The now-groom-to-be also weighed in on the proposal, saying, ‘a lot of nerves were built up’ before the question was popped.

“I told [Sierra] no at first because it was her day,” he says, adding, “she asked me again and I told her if that’s what you want then I’m all for it”.

Controversial choice

But despite the sweet sisterly sentiment, not everyone was convinced a wedding proposal was appropriate, regardless of the circumstances.

“Do. Not. Propose. At. My. Wedding.... I’m. So. Serious,” one critic advised followers after watching the clip.

“I will DIE at THEIR FUNERAL if someone did this at my wedding,” joked another.

However, regardless of protocol, Sierra was happy to share the spotlight saying: “I think I was more excited than he was”.

“I’m very overprotective of him but I absolutely love Baylee so I was more than happy to share the day with them. To me it just helped us create more memories together,” she said.

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