Bride's helicopter crashes in flames but wedding goes on

A bride has had a lucky escape after the helicopter she was in crashed on arrival at the wedding ceremony and burst into flames.

Several people surrounding the Brazilian venue filmed the dramatic incident as the helicopter’s propeller clipped a nearby castle tower as it descended towards the ceremony.

The helicopter crashed landed. Source: Rafael Abraao

Footage shows the helicopter suddenly plunging to the ground before it burst into flames while screams come from the crowd of guests.

The bride miraculously survived the crash and even crawled out from the wreckage and went ahead with the wedding.

Wedding guests rushed to the helicopter to aid passengers, including the bride, the wedding photographer, a child and the pilot.

The helicopter burst into flames. Source: @AreaDoMarcel

All passengers survived with only minor injuries.

The venue told The Mirror that it was the bride and groom’s choice to continue with the wedding.