Bride shames wedding guest for wearing designer dress

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Weddings are notoriously hard to dress for. Not only do you have to adhere to a dress code, but you need to avoid white, not match the bridesmaids and above all, make sure you’re comfortable for the long day of eating and dancing ahead. 

But one wedding guest has revealed her outfit left the bride in tears on her big day, after she showed up wearing a designer dress. 

The woman took to Reddit to explain the whole thing, asking: “Am I The A*****e for wearing an expensive designer dress to my best friend's wedding?”

A wedding guest left her best friend in tears on her big day over her outfit. Photo: Getty Images/Stock Image

Like many people do for wedding season, the woman decided to rent a designer dress from a rental clothing company, because she had ‘nothing fancy’ to wear for the day. 

She thought the only restriction she would have when it came to picking a gown would be that it couldn’t be white, but how wrong she was. 

“So I wore a rented off-the-shoulder red gown. I also had my makeup and hair professionally done because I'm inept at personal styling,” she wrote. 

The only thing is that the bride, who also happens to be the woman’s best friend, opted for a $100 charity gown for her day. 

“When I showed up to the wedding with my husband, who wore a tuxedo, there were audible murmurs,” the wedding guest wrote. 

“Immediately, it was clear that we had overdressed. Most women were in plain dresses and most men were wearing normal suits.”

Things escalated after the ceremony when the bride came up to the woman in floods of tears. 

“She told me that just because I had a perfect life with a wealthy husband and that I had kept my figure, etc. etc. didn't mean I had to upstage her on her own wedding day,” the woman continued.  

“I told her my genetics and life weren't my fault, and tried to explain that I didn't have anything else to wear at home.”

People were divided on what they thought of the situation, with many saying that as the bride’s best friend, the woman should have been well aware of the casual dress code, yet others thought the bride was overreacting on the day.  

“This is her best friend and she had no idea it wasn't black tie? Oh wait, except she did know and she also knew she was dressing more formally than the bride, her best friend,” one person said.  

“This woman's husband had a tuxedo readily available, but we're to believe she had NOTHING else to wear? Gtfoh,” another person said.

However, others pointed out that it wasn’t actually the fact that the woman’s dress was designer that was the problem here. 

“I don't think you did anything wrong as you weren't purposely trying to upstage anyone, unless you knew it was going to be low key at the time. However, it may also depend on what's common where you live. Tuxedos would not be common anywhere I've lived (small town or big city) unless you roll with the high end,” one person commented. 

“Designer clothes aren't an issue, if it's a style designed to be more business casual/semi-formal/etc. A step down from black or white tie. A full length formal gown to a low-key wedding though,” another person said.  

While this woman’s designer gown obviously wasn’t appropriate for her friend’s wedding day, we’ve rounded up some looks we think would go down a treat for any theme:

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