Bride-to-be heartbroken over parents’ ‘horrendous’ pre-wedding behavior: ‘You have every right to uninvite them’

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A woman is furious with her parents for disapproving of her fiancé.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her family has traditional values and wanted her to marry her ex-boyfriend who was wealthy. When it didn’t work out with him, she dated her childhood best friend, who is now her fiancé. The trouble is her parents don’t approve of her fiancé because he isn’t as aristocratic and he had a child when he was 17.

“I am engaged to my childhood best friend,” the Reddit poster wrote. “My parents used to love him but their opinion of him soured after he became a father at 17. Even though it was a one-time mistake they treated him very differently afterward. They also discouraged me from hanging out with him because they were afraid he’d pass his ‘loose morals’ onto me. I come from an immigrant family.”

When she overheard a conversation between her parents about her fiancé, things escalated.

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“My family LOVED my ex-boyfriend whom I dated from the ages of 15 to 21,” she explained. “He was from a rich, aristocratic family. Yesterday I overheard my parents talking together about how ‘it’s such a shame’ that I’m marrying my fiancé. They found out that my ex was planning to propose before I broke up with him and that has caused them more anguish. My mom asked my dad, ‘Where did we go wrong as parents?’ I interrupted their conversation and told them that I don’t appreciate them talking about my fiancé like that. I told her that’s her opinion to have and if she and my dad both think that way, then they shouldn’t come to my wedding.”

This set off a whole other argument.

Reddit users thought the parents were being elitist.

“You have every right to uninvite them from your wedding,” one person wrote.

“That’s horrendous. They sound like classist snobs,” another said.

“Your parents saw your ex as a better choice because of money,” a user commented.

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