Brides breaks foot during wedding ceremony, carries on anyway: 'A day you will never forget'

This bride was an awesome sport after breaking her foot at her wedding.

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Just like all major events, weddings usually don’t go exactly as planned. Things go wrong and fall between the cracks; that’s just life. But TikToker @cocktailsanddogtails got a little more than a few minor wedding blunders at her ceremony. She landed in the hospital.

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“Nothing like breaking your foot at your wedding,” the video text read.

The bride didn’t explain how the accident happened; instead, she shared a reel of photos. Fortunately, she looked stunning in all the images. Unfortunately, she was horizontal in a lot of them. It appeared she and the groom were in good spirits about what had to be a serious downer.

In the first photo, she was on the ground surrounded by her concerned family. In another, she was on the floor in her gown, propped up by her husband with a pillow. They were both smiling.

There was also footage of her being carted around in a wheelchair to go to the hospital and after getting her cast.

“There was only an hour left of the wedding when it happened (honestly good timing!) so I couldn’t go back but we hosted an after party at our Airbnb!” she wrote in the comments. In a follow-up video, she explained that she injured herself while being lifted in a chair during the hora, a traditional dance at Jewish weddings.

The bittersweet video racked up 2.6 million views.

“Oh no! Have to say your positive attitude in these videos is wonderful,” a user said.

“My dad did the same on his wedding day,” someone shared.

“A day you will never forget. Hope you have a good recovery,” a person commented.

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