Reality star's x-rated wardrobe malfunction

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Codie Lea and Nathan's journey has been eventful to say the least. Photo: Channel 7

Codie Lea and Nathan’s stint on Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Weddings has already been packed with headline-making antics for more reasons than one.

They’ve shared their battle with a mother-in-law from hell, and let the public in on a rather unusual sex confession, and now the controversial couple has fallen victim to an onscreen gaffe, albeit a hilarious one.

The revealing moment took place while the couple was on a romantic rowboat ride in a bid to relax amid the drama of preparing for their wedding and trying to repair their relationship with Nathan’s disapproving mother.

Nathan’s overexposure

But just after finally getting the hang of the craft’s oars, Nathan leant down into the water below to retrieve a buoy, when his board shorts became the victim of a wardrobe malfunction.

While leant over the boat, his fiancee noticed the gaffe which would soon reveal his entire nether regions to the camera and crew.

“Babe, babe, babe...I can see...” Codie Lea motioned in an almost panicked tone.

His pants had shifted and left Nathan’s front exposed, meaning he had to readjust things in front of the cameras as Codie Lea burst into laughter.

After the mishap, the father-of-one took to Instagram to poke fun at his blunder, attaching to snaps of the hilarious moment which was pixelated to preserve his modesty.

“When my avocado seeds wrapped in chicken skin fell out,” he wrote.

Nathan suffered the gaffe during an otherwise romantic boat ride. Photo: Channel 7

But while their boat jaunt was a sweet and romantic moment, the same cannot be said for most of the couple’s journey on the show.

Bumpy ride so far

Among their antics has been Nathan’s mother Laurelle insisting Codie Lea take a lie detector test which she passed, but the success didn’t equal goodwill for the pair.

Instead of graciously accepting defeat, Laurelle’s response was to further insult her future daughter-in-law.

“Codie has proved me wrong, and I don’t like her proving me wrong,” she said.

Unfortunately for her, the whole plan backfired further when Codie Lea returned fire and asked if she would agree to a lie detector test of her own.

“I hate her plain and simple, I hate her. And I was taught not to say hate unless you mean it and I hate her.”

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