Brian Cox Makes Surprise Appearance As Logan Roy In Series Mania Video

“Series Mania is mine!” shouts Logan Roy, in a promo video dropped today that blurs the lines of industry confab and fiction.

The Succession patriarch makes a short comedy cameo in a social media trailer video for France’s Series Mania, which runs between March 15-22 in Lille, France.

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“Paris is so overrated. Lille is the new Paris,” says a voiceover as the video begins, before the words ‘Emily in Lille’ overlay the screen.

A surreal comic sketch follows, with an apologetic Series Mania boss Laurence Herszberg rushing into a posh office room in character as Emily from Emily in Paris, which has run on Netflix for three seasons so far and stars Lilly Collins as an aspiring marketing executive who moves to Paris to provide an American perspective to a French agency.

The promo sees ‘Emily’ bring an oat milk cappuccino for one of the Netflix show’s stars, an exasperated Sylvie Grateau (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), as a meeting begins.

Emily takes selfies as Sylvie says the agency is in trouble. They’re about to lose their best client: Not Succession actor Cox, but Series Mania, the international television confab.

They flag plans for world premieres and open screenings before Emily/Laurence says they should drop a viral teaser video with international stars. At that moment, Cox/Logan calls in via video link.

“Hello Logan, I thought you were dead,” says a shocked Sylvie.

“Never felt better,” he replies. After a short exchange, a wild-eyed Logan shouts, “Series Mania is mine!” before bursting into laughter.

Cox played ruthless media mogul Logan Roy in all four seasons of HBO’s hit Succession between 2018 and 2023. He was Emmy-nominated three times for the role and won a Golden Globe in 2020.

Series Mania is a co-production forum, and includes screenings, industry panels, pitching events and keynote interviews with major industry figures and major U.S. creatives such as last year’s keynote, Lisa Joy.

Watch the full Series Mania promo here (note: some subtitles are used)

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