Lion hops towards 2020 carbon neutral goal

Rebecca Gredley

Brewing giant Lion will put its weight behind bush regeneration and conservation projects in a bid to become carbon neutral next year.

A slew of projects will be outlined by the brewer as it attempts to offset 107,000 tonnes of carbon, which the company says is the equivalent of its direct manufacturing emissions.

"Next year we're effectively throwing a safety net over our remaining operational CO2 footprint - giving consumers the confidence that our Australasian beers will be produced in carbon neutral breweries," CEO Stuart Irvine said on Friday.

"Speed is of the essence in stabilising the climate."

The company will attempt to maintain carbon neutrality.

Lion set a goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2025 on its 2015 baseline.

It believes it's on track to reach that target after focusing on initiatives including energy efficiency, rooftop solar and biogas.

The brewer will also look closer at its supply chain in order to deal with "scope 3" emissions - which arise indirectly through business activity such as travel and packaging.

Lion is part of Lion Group, which is owned by Japanese beer giant Kirin Holdings, and it's beers include Tooheys, Hahn, and XXXX, and it also has a range of non-alcoholic drinks.