'Breathtakingly dangerous' driver jailed

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A Victorian man who drove a stolen car toward oncoming freeway traffic at 100km/h while on drugs has been jailed.

Marley Taylor stole a ute from a service station in Melbourne's west in September 2019. Then aged 25, he didn't have a licence, and was high on ice and MDMA.

He led police on a chase, at times speeding up to 150km/h, before ending up on the Princes Freeway driving towards oncoming traffic at 100km/h.

Taylor was jailed in Victoria's County Court on Wednesday for three years and eight months, with a non-parole period of two years and two months.

Judge Fiona Todd said his "breathtakingly dangerous" driving had to be seen to be believed.

"That no one was actually injured or killed was just the result of dumb luck," she told him.

Taylor pleaded guilty to seven charges including theft, dangerous driving while being pursued by police, conduct endangering life and recklessly exposing an emergency worker to risk by driving.

He hit another driver and also reversed towards a police car but the officer was not injured

At one point, the officer was able to get close enough to pepper-spray Taylor but he kept going.

In the end, police shut down all lanes of the freeway and performed a "pit manoeuvre", which involved deliberately hitting the stolen car, to stop Taylor.

He was on a community correction order at the time.

Taylor previously faced a Koori Court hearing where he said he was ashamed and determined to turn his life around for his children's sake.

He had a traumatic childhood and began using cannabis and drinking at the age of 13.

Taylor also started abusing solvents when he was 16 and his brother injected him with ice.

He has post-traumatic stress disorder and stopped using drugs while in pre-sentence detention.

Judge Todd was prepared to be optimistic about his prospects for rehabilitation.

Taylor has already spent more than 500 days in custody and this will count towards his sentence.