Brazen smugglers unload drugs on public beach. Again.

Ben Brennan

Australia may complain about its border security problems, but drug smugglers bound for Spain are showing just how bad other countries have it.

For the second time in recent months, drug smugglers have been filmed pulling up on a packed beach in broad daylight.

The latest scenes come from Tubalita beach in Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Members of the public were stunned to see an inflatable dinghy pull up before men started unloading a large shipment of illegal drugs before their eyes.

The smugglers reportedly unloaded about two tonnes of cannabis resin, worth millions of dollars at street level at about 1.30pm local time on Saturday.

Brazen drug smugglers in Spain. Photo: YouTube

Beach goers and patrons at a nearby bar watched as the men unloaded the contraband and transferred it to a waiting van.

The brazen crime occurred just months after a similar stunt at another Spanish beach.

People relaxing at Tonelero beach in La Linea de la Concepción were shocked to see a similar scene play out before them in June.

That time 12 men were seen unloading a drug shipment as families played and swam by the seaside.

But while such footage should prove a source of embarrassment, the Daily Mail reports Spain’s police union is pleased to see the videos emerging in the world’s media.

The site quote a spokesman for the Spanish Association of Civil Guards saying the high profile nature of the imports could help convince lawmakers to better resource law enforcement.

The drug smugglers on the beach. Photo: YouTube

“We are concerned to make sure that these incidents, while they are happening more and more frequently, are kept in the news,” the spokesman said.

”Time and time again we will criticise the lack of Civil Guard officers, the lack of material means, appropriate vehicles for each work station tailored to the characteristics of the area they are being used, as well as demanding greater security in officers' everyday work.”