The brave Triple-0 call a little girl made to save her unconscious father

When Addison O’Brien was just five years old she found herself in a frightening situation, realising her father, who had been looking after her and her three-year-old brother at home, was unconscious on the floor. 

She quickly stepped into action ringing Triple-0 to report the emergency.

Police said because of Addison’s actions help was able to arrive quickly and her father received the medical attention he needed after he suffered a seizure.

Audio from the emergency call was released by Queensland Police on Friday, as authorities recognised her bravery.

Addison, now seven, remains calm and composed throughout the conversation, beginning by telling operator: “My daddy is on the floor.”

Addison was only five years old when she made a Triple-0 call to report her dad was unconscious. Source: Queensland Police Service

The operator asks the young girl a number of questions about the situation and she confirms her dad’s eyes are shut but his chest is moving up and down.

“He is just trying to get his head up,” Addison tells the operator, who then asks if the front door is open.

She goes to check and tells him it is unlocked. He again asks for her father’s condition, before telling her to go outside as a police officer should be there to help.

The young girl and her family took a tour of the Police Communications Centre and met the operator who took her emergency call. Source: Queensland Police Service

Communications Group Inspector Kim Kellaway said the young girl had shown a great sense of maturity.

“Making a call to Triple-0 can be one of the most stressful experiences a person may ever go through but Addison managed the situation perfectly for someone of her age,” Inspector Kellaway said.

Addison‘s bravery was recognised on Friday and police said she conveyed calm and clear information over the phone. Source: Queensland Police Service.

Police Minister Mark Ryan added, “it was inspiring to see a young Queenslander handle a very challenging situation in such a calm and mature manner.” 

Authorities are also reminding people to teach their children to call Triple-0 in the event of an emergency.