Brave Lucy's medical mystery

FIRST ON SEVEN: A Queensland woman suffering such an incredibly rare condition that her doctors have been unable to diagnose it, is on a worldwide hunt for others who may be afflicted.

Lucy Foran, 20, was born with no ligaments, which are the connective tissues that hold together joints.

"It's been really bizarre with my condition because they don't know what it is," Lucy said.

“You can’t Google it....Google’s supposed to be handy."

That’s why her family has dubbed it the ‘Lucy Syndrome.’

Lucy also has trouble with her lungs, feet and eyes and completes a regular and grueling physical therapy routine to strengthen her muscles.

Her physiotherapist Melissa Loche says she has shown extraordinary courage.

"So essentially Lucy's joints all of them are dislocated either fully or partially," Melissa said.

“Lucy’s tolerance to pain is quite remarkable.

“[She] goes above and beyond what many people would be able to do.”

Now Lucy is on a mission to find out if there is anyone else like her.

“I would be the happiest girl in the world just to know that someone out there is like me,” she said.

The discovery would not only help Lucy, but her doctors as well.

“It would help us as treating health professionals to see the journey someone else is going on,” Melissa said.

While waiting, Lucy manages to stay positive and inspire those around her.

"I consider myself to be quite lucky to be where I am," she said.

"I've got a family that loves me regardless of what's going on with my bones."