Brain Armor Appoints Grant Roberts as Chief Strategic and Wellness Officer

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Brookfield, WI, Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- Trident Brands Inc. (OTCQB: TDNT) today announced that their Brain Armor® brand of neuro-nutrition supplements has appointed Grant Roberts as Chief Strategic and Wellness Officer.

Grant Roberts is globally recognized as a “super trainer” through his unique ability to transform celebrity physiques, support world champion athletes, and leaders of industry through his unique methodologies surrounding exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management. Grant’s clients include the gambit of diversity from young Hollywood to onscreen superheroes to arguably the world’s most famous and productive octogenarian and nonagenarian who all use Brain Armor daily.

“I am very excited to join the team at Brain Armor. I have been a proponent of Omega-3s for decades,” said Grant. “Omega-3s played a pivotal role in my own recovery following a life-threatening auto accident early in my career that required years of rehabilitation. Omega-3s are potent anti-inflammatories that also enhance nerve conductance, which was instrumental in enhancing innervation, ultimately relieving my symptoms of paralysis that allowed me to return to my athletic career.

“In 2004, I received a global platform as an Omega-3 expert following my work transforming the physique of actress Hilary Swank for her Academy Award-winning role as a prize fighter in the Oscar winning film ‘Million Dollar Baby’. Omega- 3s played such a remarkable role in Hilary’s physical transformation that she toasted with it in a champagne flute backstage following her Golden Globe win and in a shooter glass on camera during an episode of ‘The Tonight Show’.

“I further promoted the brain boosting benefits of Omega-3s through the creation of my foundation ‘Healthy Student Bodies’ where I commenced a year-long study with students demonstrating the essential role of Omega-3s along with the science of applied exercise to enhance academic achievement and cognition through the process of neurogenesis and plasticity. The results were so remarkable that the students became the subject of a CBC mini documentary ‘Brain Gains’.

“My foundation continued to gain traction globally, sparking a collaboration with Harvard University Neuropsychiatry professor and author John Ratey.

“As a member of the National Speakers Bureau, I routinely speak throughout North America on the topics of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. This caught the attention of the US Surgeon General and during her seven year tenure, we ended up routinely collaborating on speaking to communities and at medical conferences on the benefits of exercise and supplementing with Omega-3s as a preventative step that enhances holistic wellness.

“Why Brain Armor? The immune boosting benefits of Omega-3s are an important message in today’s climate, especially when combined with the complimentary ingredients of Vitamins D3, E and MCT. Brain Armor’s formula is optimized by the 2:1 DHA to EPA ratios making it, in my opinion, the most complete brain and body supplement in the category. Add this to the fact that Brain Armor harvests its potency from a novel vegan source, and you open the doors of opportunity to fulfill the expanding demand of nutritive solutions of the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Growth in the non-animal based foods market will continue to expand in popularity. Brain Armor fills an essential nutritional Omega-3 demand required for every stage of life, from prenatal to seniors. I provide training and nutrition services for a number of the world’s highest performing athletes. One of the most mentally challenging sports on the planet is Formula One racing where performance is measured in milliseconds and split second decision-making is of paramount importance. Lewis Hamilton, the winningest driver in F1 history, is an advocate of the vegan lifestyle and uses Brain Armor.

“Omega-3s are severely deficient in the human diet on a global basis. Brain Armor is my choice to support brain health, optimize body composition as well as a myriad of other essential benefits. To make a long story short, I am in the strength business and it’s time the world learned that strength is not found in your biceps, but instead in your brain’s ability to direct your biceps. Regardless of individual ambitions, if you optimize your brain health, success will follow.”

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