Bradley Cooper pokes fun at himself in Abbott Elementary cameo

bradley cooper, abbott elementary
Bradley Cooper in funny Abbott Elementary cameoABC

Abbott Elementary season 3 has treated fans to a surprise Bradley Cooper cameo.

Titled 'Willard. R Abbott', the sixth episode aired in the US straight after the 96th Academy Awards yesterday (March 10) and began with Cooper visiting the Philadelphia school in a self-deprecating cold open.

"Whenever I'm in Philly, you know the deli across the street? That's my first stop. My dad used to always take me there. They have the best hoagies in the city," he tells Melissa Schemmenti's class.

bradley cooper, abbott elementary

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"Everybody wanted to take a picture with him, so I figured he was famous," says the kid that ushered him into the classroom, before Barbara Howard inaccurately references: "Oh, I just loved you in The Holdovers. It was just so heartwarming."

"It's The Hangover, and no it's not," Gregory Eddie points out, with Cooper having played the character Phil in The Hangover trilogy between 2009 and 2013.

Alluding to his latest movie Maestro, the Oscar-nominated Leonard Bernstein biopic, Janine Teagues then chips in with: "Guys, he's literally in a critically-acclaimed film right now..."

Furthering this lampooning of the awards circuit, both Oppenheimer and Napoleon were name-checked as possible Cooper projects – films in direct competition with Maestro at the various ceremonies.

bradley cooper, abbott elementary

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"I wasn't in Oppenheimer," Cooper replies, as Ava Coleman comes back with: "Are you sure? Everybody was in Oppenheimer."

The pile-on continues with a pair of students asking: "If you're famous, are you in Spider-Man?" and "Shouldn't your teeth be whiter?"

The Nightmare Alley actor explains: "They should, but I can't whiten them because they're too sensitive."

Abbott Elementary airs on ABC in the US, and is available on Disney+ in the UK.

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