Boy's shocking injuries after being 'sucked into hot tub filter'

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A father is pleading with parents to be cautious, after his son got "sucked under" by a filter in a hot tub, resulting in some ghastly injuries.

In a viral Facebook post, Alex Williams from Shrewsbury in England, explained his son Harry was in the hot tub when he was sucked under by the filter last month.

"This filter outlet is covered partially but there is a large rectangular hole which takes in the water and sends it to the filter, and Harry was sucked into this outlet and could not escape," Mr Williams said.

He explained at the time, the family could see Harry in the spa and once he was sucked under, everyone rushed to the boy's aid.

The suction was immediately turned off, however it took three men to release Harry from the hot tub.

Harry was unconscious when he was pulled out and CPR was performed before he was airlifted to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

A young boy was sucked in by the filter on a hot tub. Source: Facebook/Alex Williams
A young boy was sucked in by the filter on a hot tub. Source: Facebook/Alex Williams

Mr Williams said Harry received "brilliant treatment" both on the journey to hospital and when he was there while recovering for a few days.

"Harry is now home and on the mend, however had he not been rescued from the tub so quickly and the treatment been so good, he may not be here today," Mr Williams wrote on Friday.

The father also shared an important message for anyone thinking of buying a hot tub, spa or pool.

"Please ensure they are safe to use, are checked regularly, and children are being watched at all times as stated in the unit's user manual," he said. 

"You do not expect something that is so enjoyable to turn out to be life-threatening however this can be the case."

He added he did not want to see another family go through what Harry and his family did.

Harry showing his scars from the hot tub incident.
Harry's father said his son was making a "brilliant" recovery following the incident. Source: Facebook/Alex Williams

In an update, Mr Williams said trading standards and The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) had been informed.

He said Harry was making a "brilliant" recovery and he thanked those who had wished the young boy well.

"Our children are our world and this has been a horrible time, however we do not want this to happen again to anyone hence the post," he said. 

"I'm sure most tubs and spas are safe however this obviously should not happen, so please where a child is playing in water, please watch at all times."

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